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Micronas press photos

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Micronas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Unit in operation – Another step towards "Green Industry Park North"

Brushless DC motor control solutions by Micronas migrating towards 0.18 micrometer high-voltage embedded flash CMOS process

Advanced 3D HAL® technology powers Micronas’ new sensor generation leading to superior angular accuracy

Micronas presents market’s first ISO 26262 compliant, low-power Hall switch family in SOT23 package

Micronas presents smallest integrated capacitor EMC-proof linear Hall sensor

Micronas presents a new affordable USB kit for easy programming of its broad Hall-effect sensor portfolio

Micronas’ new all-in-one controller family brings more flexibility for driving small electric motors

HAL 1002 - Micronas introduces the next generation of highest precision programmable Hall switches

Micronas’ first ISO 26262 compliant, low-power Hall switch family in SOT23 package very well accepted in the market

New HAR 24xy Dual-Die sensor family from Micronas brings in-package redundancy to Linear Hall-effect sensors

Brushless DC motor control solutions by Micronas now additionally powered by ARM Cortex®-M3 Processor

Micronas builds combined heat and power unit at Freiburg site for the local generation of electric power, heat and cold

Micronas offers its 3D HAL® sensor families now also in leaded packages for use in automotive electronic systems

Micronas presents the GAS 86xyB – the smallest and most efficient multi-parametric sensor platform for gas detection

Micronas sets new standards for linear Hall-effect sensors with its new HAL® 24xy family

Micronas now offers the successful HAL 880 linear Hall sensor in SMD package

Micronas presenting new generation of Hall sensors for extended position measurement

HVC2480B - Embedded microcontroller for small BLDC system solution

HAL 8xy-Family: Micronas supplying the 500 millionth linear Hall-effect sensor