Automotive Applications

In automotive electronics, Micronas is focusing both on highly integrated control systems for car interior applications, as well as on sensor systems for a wide range of applications. They require on one hand rather simple Hall switches to detect a position and on the other hand quite complex linear Hall-effect sensors for the measurement of a travel distance or of a rotational movement. Beyond that, with its embedded controller HVC 2480B Micronas offers an utmost level of integrated functionality applicable at various places in the car, e.g. LED fan control for headlights, automated grill module (AGM), window lifter, door lock module, sunroof control, etc.
The variety of integrated modules and functions (all-in-one solution) minimizes the number of required external components in most cases almost to zero. Thus, the reliability of the entire system increases because of the omission or reduction of soldered and mechanical connections as well as PCB area leading to less points of attack for electrical and mechanical disturbances. This becomes noticeable in a low effort of resources, costs and time for the development, as well as low costs and effort to steadily use the system by providing a maximum of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

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