Industrial Application Fields


Micronas‘ sensor and embedded controller solutions are also sought after in nonautomotive applications. They are widely used in all types of white goods, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, and induction cookers, as well as heating and cooling systems. Further areas of applications can be found in the industrial arena, for example to control robots or to automate assembly equipment. Hall-effect sensors can be found in almost any machine that needs to measure position, linear orrotational movement or even current. By means of the Hall-effect other parameters can also be measured indirectly like rpm, leveling, pressure, force or even torque.
More and more industrial and white goods applications require reliable sensing solutions and even smart sensors reflect the market demand for energy efficient solutions. With the high integration level of our HVC 2480B embedded controller we are directly targeting a significant reduction on system cost level by means of reduced weight, space and overall components of the system. On top of that, the overall quality of the system increases. With both product lines Hall-effect sensors as well as embedded controllers we can offer our customers attractive system solutions.

Heavy Machines / Factory Automation

Micronas products have been developed to meet the demands for long lifetime and high reliability in harsh environments.



Building, Home and Office Automation

Micronas products offer intelligent sensor solutions for smart automation networks for an increased comfort and lifestyle.


White Goods / Home Appliances

Micronas offers a wide range of cost-effective sensor solutions for eco-friendly home appliances at minimal size.