IT Services

High quality IT Services for Micronas and partners

The IT Service Department is responsible for the Micronas information and communication systems. It provides high quality IT Services for Micronas and also for external partners.  
The IT Services are aligned with the Micronas business goals and are an important element for Micronas in reaching its quality and efficiency goals.


IT Services @ Micronas
  • 30 IT Engineers
  • Complete IT Infrastructure including TK
  • Maintain all commercial IT Applications
  • Maintain all Manufacturing related IT Systems

  • Strong standardization worldwide
  • Strong expertise in house
  • Understanding the Micronas Business Processes
In the application area the focus is on the commercial SAP System, the SAP based MES-System (CAM3) and the Engineering Database (CATO) including the different manufacturing automation software.
The IT Infrastructure is focused on maintaining a standardized client environment (Microsoft and Linux) and providing high availability services for the CAD and Manufacturing systems.

Our IT-Infrastructure for Business partners

Micronas IT also provides IT services for Micronas business partners, e.g.:

  • electronic data interchange: e.g. EDIFACT
  • portal for secure and easy data exchange:
  • telephone, video and web-conferencing: e.g. Gotomeeting (citrix)
  • OnSite Internet-Access: WLAN Guest-Net is provided

Our IT Consulting Services

Micronas IT Services also provides IT Consulting Services for 3rd party companies. For example:

  • IT strategy consulting:
    security, reliability, cost optimization, IT processes
  • IT technology consulting:             
    WAN/LAN optimization
    software und license management
  • SAP consulting:
    SAP-Module: FI/CO, MM, PP, SD, WM, BI/BW
    Development: ABAP, Web integration, labels, interfaces
    Process: Masterdata-Management, Integration Shop-Floor / BDE