Product Milestones


2016 First 3D HAL® based Hall-effect sensor with integrated capacitors HAC 37xy
2015 First 3D HAL® based Hall-effect sensor with in-package redundancy HAR 37xy
2015 Second generation of embedded motor controllers HVC 4223F with unique integration level and flexibility
2015 HAR 24xy Dual-Die Linear Hall-effect sensor family integrates two fully independent automotive qualified dies into a small SMD package leading to complete in-package redundancy
2014 Highly integrated and efficient solutions with small footprint enable the flexible drive of either brush-type (BDC), brushless (BLDC) or stepper motors
2014 EMC optimized linear Hall sensor HAC 830 with integrated capacitors
2014 First ASIL-ready ISO 26262 compliant, low-power Hall switch family HAL 15xy in SOT23 package
2014 Direct angle sensor family HAL 37xy with superior angular accuracy based on advanced 3D HAL technology
2014 USB kit for the flexible programming of different Hall-effect sensor families
2013 HAL 3675* Hall effect sensor for multidimensional magnetic field measurement
2012 First derivates HAL 2420 and HaL 2425 of HAL 24xy Hall effect sensor family
2012 High sensivity current transducer CUR 3115
2012 mySENS®- gas sensing technology based sensor generation GAS 86xyB
2012 HAL 24xy Hall effect sensor family for extended distance measurement
2011 HAL 38xy* Hall effect sensor family based on 3D Hall technology for precise position detection
2011 Small sized system solution with embedded Controller HVC 2480B for BDC/BLDC applications
2010 CUR 31xy Hall-effect current transducer family for contactless AC/DC measurement
2010 Supply of the 500 millionth Hall sensor from the HAL 8xy family
2009 First 3D* Hall sensor
2009 mySens®- Gas sensing technology based on standard CMOS
2008 State-of-the-art picture quality for 120Hz
2008 Scalable IDTV (Integrated Digital Television) system solution for next- generation flat- panel TVs
2008 Digital Terrestrial TV Demodulator for SDTV/HDTV broadcast in China
2008 Single-Chip Audio Solution for soundbar applications
2008 Hall Sensors with Microcontroller and Digital Interfaces
2008 LIN Bus Microcontroller for 12V Power Operation
2007 Frame rate converter with motion compensation technology for Full HD 100/120 Hz LCD TVs
2007 Single-chip solution for Full HD 1080p Flat-Panel TVs
2007 High-Precision Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor
2006 Full HDTV de-interlacer, film judder canceler, and motion blur remover
2006 Audio system-on-chip IC family with customizable modular processing (CMP) technology
2006 High definition multi-format decoder
2005 Single-chip dual-channel flat-panel controller for HDTVs
2005 Single-package TV signal processor and controller with HDTV support
2004 DVB-T demodulator with diversity reception for mobile applications
2004 Dual-channel PCI express multimedia controller
2003 High-end frame-rate converter with motion compensation
2003 Single-chip all-in-one TV solution
2003 AutomotivePackage® concept
2002 High-integration video and scan-rate processor with embedded RAM
2001 IF demodulator IC
2001 Single-chip video processor family for double-scan TV
2001 Single-chip hybrid analog/digital TV decoder
2001 Programmable microcontroller with embedded security for digital audio
2000 AAC/MPEG single-chip audio decoder and G.729 speech codec
2000 ARM7TDMI Low-emission CAN controller for automotive applications
2000 MPEG/Dolby Digital multichannel audio decoder chip set
2000 Single-chip video/controller/text family for single-scan TV
2000 AudioBox technology
1999 Single-chip multistandard Virtual Dolby Surround processor
1999 Single-chip multistandard CVBS and component video processor
1998 Consumer-quality USB audio technology
1998 Audio processor for all TV transmission standards worldwide
1998 Programmable CMOS Hall sensor
1997 Chip set for digital WorldSpace radio system
1996 Low-EMC technology for automotive circuits
1995 Single-chip ADR decoder
1994 Single-chip MPEG layer 3 decoder
1993 Integrated CMOS Hall sensors
1992 Open DSP architecture DIGIT3000
1991 Single-chip multistandard video/display processor
1990 CMOS tuner IC for car radio application
1989 Single-chip car radio DSP
1989 Single-chip embedded controller for dashboards
1988 Decoder/descrambler chip set for MAC TV standards
1988 Multistandard audio processor for all European TV transmission standards including NICAM
1983 Digital TV signal processing chip set (DIGIT2000)
1978 IC kit for telecommunications (System 12)
1970 IC for automotive velocity control
1968 IC for electronic clocks
1967 IC for TV application
1966 Tuner diode
AutomotivePackage, easyLIN, varioHAL, 3DHAL and mySENS are registered trademarks of TDK-Micronas GmbH. Other products and companies are trademarked by their respective owners.
* License Note: HAL 38xy and HAL 36xy use licenses of the Fraunhofer Insitute for Integrated Circuits (IlS).