Financial Information


The Company publishes the consolidated financial statements in the Annual Report according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),  and semi-annually in the form of a printed letter to the shareholders, respectively. Quarterly financial updates for the first and third quarter will be communicated through respective press releases. In addition, the Company provides regular information through press conferences, analyst presentations and Shareholders’ Meetings. Detailed information for shareholders and investors can be downloaded at any time from Micronas Investor. The investor events of the Micronas Group are available online at: Micronas Investor Events.

The modalities regarding the distribution of ad hoc notices (so-called push and pull system) have been implemented according to the Ad hoc Publicity Directive of the SIX Swiss Exchange under Micronas Ad hoc Publicity Investor News.

Official announcements of the Company are published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette. Publications in connection with reporting requirements regarding the maintenance of the listing of the registered shares are issued in conformity with the listing rules of the SIX Swiss Exchange.