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Micronas presents the GAS 86xyB – the smallest and most efficient multi-parametric sensor platform for gas detection (PR1209)

May 21, 2012 - Trade News - PR1209

Newest mySENS® sensor generation allows simultaneous detection of two gases, as well as integrated measurement of ambient temperature and humidity – at drastically reduced size and less power consumption.

Freiburg, Germany, May 21, 2012 – Micronas (SIX Swiss Exchange: MASN), known and recognized in the automotive and industrial business as a reliable global acting partner for intelligent, sensor-based system solutions, will present the latest generation of Micronas gas sensors based on the pioneering mySENS technology at this year’s Sensor+Test trade show in Nuremberg.

After the successful launch of the first sensor generation GAS 85xyB, Micronas now comes up with its once again greatly improved successor GAS 86xyB.

As well as its previous version, the latest sensor generation is based on proven and cost efficient standard CMOS technology, which enables the combination of sensor elements for gas, temperature and humidity measurements on one single chip – by reducing the power consumption to 50% and minimizing the size to fit into a QFN package with the dimensions of only 6 mm x 8 mm x 1.4 mm (length x width x height).

“The new sensor version is benefitting from the experience of our customers, who have previously worked with the GAS 85xyB”, says Karl Hoffmann, Director Marketing Advanced Sensors at Micronas. “Compared to its predecessor, the GAS 86xyB provides additional functionality like factory-calibration of the integrated temperature and humidity sensors in combination with more powerful digital signal processing of all measurement results. The combination with a digital SPI interface is an advantage from which our customers will significantly benefit. The chip manufacturing process in submicron CMOS-technology, as well as the packaging in the newly developed QFN housing with integrated PTFE filter completely takes place in our own facilities in Freiburg.”

The innovative platform concept of mySENS provides a wide variety of target gases for gas detection, which can be chosen, always in combinations of two, during manufacture. The calibrated integrated temperature and relative humidity sensors can be used for cross-sensitivity-compensation for more reliability in gas detections but also for independent measurement purposes.

With the GAS 86xyB, Micronas offers a value-optimized, energy-saving and durable multi-parametric sensor platform for reliable gas measurements in a wide range of applications. The company will demonstrate these facts explicitly on its booth.

At this year’s Sensor+Test, the mySENS technology and the new GAS 86xyB will be presented separately from the other sensor families due to its uniqueness. In a walk-in presentation-cube, the visitor plunges into the world of gas sensors to be inspired by a combination of animation and product demonstrations, as well as professional advice for new application ideas for his own product. Special emphasis will be placed on fire detection in order to demonstrate the sensor's advantages in terms of miniaturization, early fire detection, and false alarm prevention.

Micronas will present the GAS 86xyB at the Sensor+Test trade fair in Nuremberg (hall 12, booth 12-302) from May 22 to 24, and at the Sensors Expo & Conference in Chicago, USA, (booth 614) from June 7 to 9, 2012.

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Über Micronas:

Micronas (SIX Swiss Exchange: MASN) ist als zuverlässiger, weltweit agierender Partner für intelligente, sensorbasierte Systemlösungen im Automobil- und Industrieumfeld anerkannt. Micronas offeriert eine breite Auswahl an Hall-Sensoren und embedded Controllern für Smart Actuators für Automobil- und Industrieanwendungen, wie zum Beispiel Antriebsstrang, Chassis, Motormanagement und Komfortfunktionen.

Micronas zählt alle bedeutenden Hersteller der Automobilelektronik weltweit zu ihren Kunden, viele davon in einer dauerhaften, auf gemeinsamen Erfolg ausgerichteten Partnerschaft. Sitz der Holding ist in Zürich (Schweiz), der operative Hauptsitz befindet sich in Freiburg (Deutschland). Derzeit beschäftigt die Micronas Gruppe rund 900 Mitarbeiter. Weitere Informationen über die Micronas Gruppe und ihre Produkte erhalten Sie unter www.micronas.com.