Factory & Process Automation

TDK-Micronas aims to provide solutions for Factory & Process Automation applications from solar energy, man machine interface, to process control.

Application Sensor Type Description Linked Products
Current sensor Linear A current sensor is used in solar system to monitor the conditions of solar panel. Micronas linear sensor is highly integrated solution to replace discrete Hall sensor to reduce the overall system cost and improve the performance. HAL 1820
HAL 2425
Pressure sensor Linear Process control demands pressure sensor in monitoring the pressure of fluid and gas delivered. Micronas linear Hall sensor is able to measure the movement of magnet attached on the diaphragm, which is proportional to the pressure measured. HAL 835
HAL 2425
Magnetic encoder Switch Linear encoder is widely applied in factory robot and CNC machine. With the constraint of optical encoder in vibration and contamination, Magnetic encoder with Micronas speed and direction Hall sensor will solve the problems HAL 700
HAL 702
HAL 730
Angular position sensor Linear / 2D It is general practice in factory automation to turn the measurement of linear position to that of angular position. With its wide portfolio, Micronas 2D and Linear sensors are able to measure the variety of angular range with HAL 2425
HAL 3725
Proximity sensor Switch Proximity sensor is applied in process automation to replace mechanical switch to detect the absence/presence of a target. Micronas Hall switch with good ESD, accurate switch point and over/under voltage protection is well suitable for the reliable proximity sensor. HAL 15xy
HAL 2xy
Gear tooth sensor Switch Gear tooth sensor is applied to detect ferromagnetic or magnet target to sense its speed in automation control. Micronas HAL3xy series sensor with good ESD level and high sensitivity is able to detect the speed accurately. HAL 300
HAL 320