Garden & Power Tools

TDK-Micronas aims to provide solutions for Garden & power tools from mower, chain saw, to cordless drill.

Application Sensor Type Description Linked Products
Current sensor Linear Cost effective current sensor is required for Battery Management System to monitor the status of battery. Current sensor with Micronas part features low output voltage drifts over temperature and multiple programmable magnetic field range. HAL 1820
HAL 2425
BLDC motor Switch Hall switches are used for Brushless DC motor for motor commutation in power tools. Micronas switch features high ESD, accurate switching point and low power consumption. HAL 2xy
HAL 15xy
Throttle position sensor Linear/2D Mower requests noncontact throttle position sensor to reduce emission. Micronas linear and 2D sensor has the features of high accuracy and cost effectiveness. HAL 2425
HAL 3725
Rotation speed sensor Switch Power tool requires speed sensor to detect/control the speed of the tool. Micronas Hall switch with Low power and high performance provide the solution. HAL 2xy
HAL 15xy
BLDC driver HVC Step motor and BLDC motor are widely used in power tools. Micronas HVC family provides with highly integrated solution to drive electric motor either with integrated H bridges or external ones HVC 2480B