Linear Hall Sensors

Overview Linear Hall Sensor Families

Linear Hall sensors differ from the switches as follows: Depending on the magnetic field, the output does not have a discrete switching state, but provides a signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. This output signal can be delivered as an analog output voltage, a pulse-width-modulated signal (PWM) or even as a modern bus protocol (SENT). Different packages are available: through hole SMD, single or dual die configuration, with our without integrated capacitors.

Linear Hall Sensors

Single Hall Plate

HAL 18xy
  • TJ = −40 to 170 °C
  • Ratiometric analog output
  • Value-optimized version (10 bit)
HAL 1820
  • Programmable (EEPROM)
  • TO92 or SOT89 package
HAL 182x
  • Pre-configured sensitivity (EEPROM)
  • TO92 or SOT89 package
HAL 1860
  • Programmable (EEPROM)
  • TO92 package
  • Clamping
HAL 24xy
  • TJ = −40 to 170 °C
  • TO92 package
  • Programmable
HAL 2420
  • - 2-point calibration
HAL 2425
  • 2-point calibration
  • 16 setpoints linearization
HAL 2455
  • 2-point calibration
  • 16 setpoints
  • PWM output
HAR 24xy
    • Dual-Die Hall sensors
      with in-package redundancy
    • TSSOP14 package
    HAL 28xy
    • TJ =−40 to 170 °C
    • TO92 package
    • Programmable (EEPROM)
    • High-precision sensors
    • Built-in RISC processor
    • Digital signal processing
    • Built-in temperature sensor
    HAL 283x
    • SENT interface
    • Up to 16-bit resolution
    HAL 2850
    • PWM output
    • 12-bit resolution
    HAL 8xy
    • TJ =−40 to 170 °C
    • TO92 or SOIC8 package
    • Programmable (EEPROM)
    HAL 83x
    • Analog output
    HAC 830
    • Integrated Caps
    • High accuracy
    • Analog output

    All products of this class

    Productsort descending Package Temp. Range Interface Ordering Code
    HAC 830 TO92UP -40°C-170°C Analog HAC 830CV-A
    HAL 1820 TO92UA -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1820UA-A
    HAL 1820 SOT89 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1820SF-A
    HAL 1821 TO92UA -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1821UA-A
    HAL 1821 SOT89 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1821SF-A
    HAL 1822 TO92UA -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1822UA-A
    HAL 1822 SOT89 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1822SF-A
    HAL 1823 TO92UA -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1823UA-A
    HAL 1823 SOT89 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1823SF-A
    HAL 1860 TO92UA -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 1860UA-A
    HAL 2420 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL2420UT-A
    HAL 2420 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL2420DJ-A
    HAL 2425 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL2425UT-A
    HAL 2425 SOIC8 Analog, 3-Wire HAL2425DJ-A
    HAL 2455 SOIC8 -40°C-170°C PWM HAL2455DJ-A
    HAL 2455 TO92UT -40°C-170°C PWM HAL2455UT-A
    HAL 2830 TO92UT -40°C-170°C SENT, 3-Wire HAL 2830UT-A
    HAL 2831 TO92UT -40°C-170°C SENT, 3-Wire HAL 2831UT-A
    HAL 2832 TO92UT -40°C-170°C SENT, 3-Wire HAL 2832UT-A
    HAL 2833 TO92UT -40°C-170°C SENT, 3-Wire HAL 2833UT-A
    HAL 2850 TO92UT -40°C-170°C PWM, 3-Wire HAL 2850UT-A
    HAL 401 SOT89 -40°C-140°C Analog Differential, 4-Wire HAL 401SF-K
    HAL 401 SOT89 -40°C-170°C Analog Differential, 4-Wire HAL 401SF-A
    HAL 411 SOT89 -40°C-100°C Analog Differential, 4-Wire HAL 411SF-E
    HAL 810 TO92UT -40°C-170°C PWM, 3-Wire HAL 810UT-A
    HAL 817 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 817UT-A
    HAL 824 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 824UT-A
    HAL 825 TO92U -40°C-170°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 825UT-A
    HAL 830 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog HAL 830UT-A
    HAL 835 TO92UT -40°C-170°C Analog, PWM HAL 835UT-A
    HAL 855 TO92UT -40°C-140°C PWM, SERIAL, 3-Wire HAL 855UT-K
    HAL 855 TO92UT -40°C-170°C PWM, SERIAL, 3-Wire HAL 855UT-A
    HAL 856 TO92UT -40°C-140°C PWM, SERIAL, 2-Wire HAL 856UT-K
    HAL 856 TO92UT -40°C-170°C PWM, SERIAL, 2-Wire HAL 856UT-A
    HAL 880 TO92UT -40°C-140°C Analog, 3-Wire HAL 880UT-K
    HAR 2425 TSSOP14 -40°C-170°C Analog HAR2425GP-A
    HAR 2455 TSSOP14 -40°C-170°C PWM HAR2455GP-A