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HAL® 81x

Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensors

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Note: The HAL 81x sensor family is not recommended for new designs. HAL 815 and HAL 817 can be replaced by HAL 830 or HAL 835. HAL 810 can be replaced by HAL 835.

The HAL 810 and the HAL 817 are programmable linear Hall-effect sensors which can be used for angle or distance measurements. The major characteristics are programmable in a non-volatile memory.
The HAL 817 has a ratiometric output characteristic; its output voltage is proportion- al to the magnetic flux and the supply voltage. The HAL 810 provides a pulse-width modulated (PWM) output signal.
The sensors feature a temperature-compensated Hall plate with choppered offset compensation, an A/D converter, an EEPROM memory with redundancy and lock function for the calibration data and protection devices at all pins . Due to the digital signal processing, analog offsets, temperature shifts, and mechanical stress do not degrade the sensor accuracy.
The tolerances of the sensor, the magnet, and the mechanical positioning can be compensated via programming by customer/user in the final assembly. This offers a low-cost alternative for all applications that presently need mechanical adjustment or laser trimming for calibration.
The HAL 810 and HAL 817 are designed for hostile automotive and industrial applications and operate with a supply voltage of typically 5 V in the junction temperature range from −40 °C up to 170 °C.


Block diagram – system architecture 81x 81x

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HAL 810

Package: TO92UT
Ordering Code: HAL 810UT-A
Interface : PWM, 3-Wire
Temp. Range: -40°C - 170°C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-30 - +-150