Depending on the application requirements, linear Hall sensors can either be utilized to indicate max/min levels or the direct current level providing an analog output value proportional to the current level.

Products by Application

  • HAL 188y

    Entry-Level Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor

  • HAL 24xy

    Precise robust programmable linear Hall sensors for extended distances measurement

  • HAL 36xy

    Programmable Hall sensors for rotational position detection based on 3D HAL® technology


  • HAL 2850

    Linear Hall-Effect Sensors with PWM Bus

  • HAL 880

    Programmable linear Hall sensors with flexibility to compensate system tolerances 

  • HAL 85x

    Programmable Hall sensors providing arbitrary output signal

  • HAL 82x

    High precision programmable linear Hall sensors with low temperature drifts

  • HAL 81x

    Programmable linear Hall sensors with non-volatile memory

  • HAL 4xy

    Pre-configured offset compensated linear Hall sensors with wide temperature range

  • HAL 283x

    Linear Hall sensors with digital interfaces