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2018/11/14 | Trade News

TDK株式会社は、本日、TDK-Micronas の製品ポートフォリオに外乱磁界補正と柔軟性の高いアーキテクチャを備えたHAL® 39xy (登録商標 masterHAL®)が新たに加わったことを発表します。

TDK at electronica 2018 – Attracting Tomorrow!

2018/10/15 | Trade News

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) is putting the spotlight on innovation and the future at electronica 2018 from November 13 to 16 in Munich: Attracting Tomorrow! Under this motto and with three booths covering a total area of 850 square meters, TDK is showcasing its products and solutions for the segments Passive Components, Sensors and Power Supplies. At the TDK career booth visitors can learn about opportunities to join a leading global player in the electronics industry.


2018/09/27 | Trade News

TDK株式会社(社長:石黒 成直)は、本日、子会社で磁気センサならびに組み込みモータ・コントローラ・メーカーであるTDK-Micronas(以下、TDKミクロナス)が、TDKミクロナスのホール・センサ群を簡単にプログラミングする磁気センサ・プログラマ 「MSP V1.0」 (以下、MSP)が、同社のツール・チェーンに追加したことを発表します。

TDK showcases extensive portfolio of sensors at Sensors Expo & Conference 2018

2018/06/14 | Trade News

TDK Corporation brings together TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics, Hutchinson Technology Inc. (HTI), and Chirp Microsystems branded sensors to present a comprehensive portfolio of sensor solutions.

TDK shows its complete sensor portfolio at one single booth at Sensor+Test 2018

2018/06/14 | Trade News

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) presents at Sensor+Test 2018 the full range of sensor products at one single booth to take another step towards its vision to become the worldwide number one provider of sensor solutions.

TMR angle sensor in a TO-6 package for PCB-less applications

2018/06/12 | Trade News

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) is expanding its portfolio of TMR angle sensors with the TAD2140 type in a TO-6 package for automotive and industrial applications. The new sensor provides an innovative system-in-package solution for PCB-less applications. It includes two full TMR bridges, a dedicated ASIC for signal conditioning and integrated passive components.

冗長性を持つ3D HAL® テクノロジ

2018/06/07 | Trade News

TDK株式会社(社長:石黒 成直)は、本日、子会社で磁気センサならびに組み込みモータ・コントローラ・メーカーであるTDK-Micronas(以下、TDKミクロナス)の製品ポートフォリオに、新たにHAR 379x加わったことを発表します。

ICsense files new patent on zero-leakage high-voltage analog switches

2018/04/19 | Trade News

ICsense, a TDK group company, is a leading supplier of analog, mixed-signal and high-voltage ASICs (Application Specific ICs). The company has filed another patent to strengthen its portfolio in innovative analog circuits.

TDK presents their state-of-the-art product highlights for various facets of embedded technologies at Embedded World 2018

2018/02/08 | Trade News

TDK Corporation is represented during Embedded World 2018 trade show from February 27 to March 1 in Nuremberg, Germany, at booth 209 in hall 3A by its group companies TDK-Micronas, TDK-Lambda, TDK Europe, and InvenSense.

旭化成エレクトロニクスとの高精度TMR 3軸磁気センサ に関する共同開発について

2018/01/09 | Trade News

旭化成エレクトロニクス株式会社(社長:田村 敏、以下「AKM」)と、TDK株式会社(社長:石黒 成直、以下「TDK」)は、このたび、高精度TMR 3軸磁気センサを共同開発しました。